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IIIT Bangalore

The International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore, a Deemed University, popularly known as IIITB, was established in 1999 with a vision to contribute to the IT world by focusing on education and research, entrepreneurship and innovation. The Institute is a registered not-for-profit society funded jointly by the Government of Karnataka and the IT industry.

Since its inception, IIITB, with its unique model of education, research, and industry interaction, has grown in stature to become an institution of considerable repute in academic as well as corporate circles. The Institute works in partnership with the corporate sector, while retaining the freedom of an academic institution. It is inspired by other renowned institutions, and also strives to emulate an academic culture that is on par with the best international institutions.

We Are Providing an Environment to Research & Innovate

IIIT Bangalore, an institution that is celebrating its 20th birthday has been doing yeoman service to the nation in the field of Technology

  • A Masters-level Technology institution offering (PhD, MS, MSc, MTech)
  • Prides itself on Research-led Academics & Innovation
  • Successfully executed various Government & non-Government sponsored projects including MIIT (Myanmar Institute of Information Technology), MOSIP (Modular Open Source Identity Project), MINRO (Machine Intelligence & Robotics) among others
  • Nurtures an Innovation Centre on campus that houses Innovators & Entrepreneurs who are focused on creating several “Digital Social Innovations” under the guidance of its Faculty.

Culkey Foundation

Culkey Foundation is a startup Incubated at IMACX Studios, IIITB Innovation Center. The Team at Culkey Foundation comes from diverse backgrounds with a plethora of skills ranging from different areas such as Strategic Management, Supply Chain, Consulting, Technology, Marketing, Medicine, Art, Mythology, Film, Content Development, & Psychology and deep-rooted Indian Philosophy and Culture.


Advisor :
Prof. Sadagopan
Director, IIIT-Bangalore


Principal Investigator:
Prof. Ramesh Sundararaman
CEO, IIITB Innovation Centre

Karthik Kittu
& Project Lead

Dr. V Sridhar
Professor, IIITB

Dr. Uttam Kumar
Assistant Professor, IIITB

Mr. Satish Shekar
Co-Founder & Director
Culkey Foundation

Mr. Manoj H P
Visuals and Design

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IIITB Innovation Centre, C/O IIIT Bangalore, No. 26/C, Hosur Road, Electronics City Phase 1, Opp. Infosys Campus Gate 1, Bangalore 560100.





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